TaKeTiNa is a type of educational rhythm method, developed by Reinhard Flatischler, which lets the body itself become the instrument. Using steps, clapping and voice, participants move in three different rhythmical layers and experience elementary rhythmical building blocks, which are hard wired into every human mind.

The physical experience of this rhythm archetypes builds the base for instrument use, song, dance etc. In the process chaos and order take turns, letting the power of self-organization unfold and support the learning process. Deep trust in the supporting force of rhythm is generated.

In TaKeTiNa everyone learns at their own speed, yet all are continually incorporated in the group process. Beginners and experienced musicians can learn in the same circle.

The TaKeTiNa rhythm method also means entering into a learning process of humanity. Life-hindering character traits are reflected as rhythmical problems in the TaKeTiNa-process, which can be transformed through the musical-rhythmical work.

Layers of oppositions begin to co-operate with each other; thinking and feeling, intuition and rationality, doing and letting be done, inside and outside.