A „Drum Circle” is when any number of people come together in a circle and play drums or percussion instruments. Using different interactions the leader guides the participants into a group process where the following themes are the keynotes:

Music only succeeds when all players work together and listen to each other.  Otherwise the rhythm falls apart and chaos takes over.

Every player is one part of an entity, no matter the musical/rhythmical talent. At the same time, everyone can bring all their talents into the circle.

Using call and answer and directing easy parameters (sound level, emphasizing certain groups, stop-start etc.) the players come into spontaneous musical contact.

Learning ability:
Learning takes place when all senses are involved and when it is fun and enjoyable.  Learning is only possible within the group. “Mistakes” are part of the process and are not seen as negative. Every single step in the learning process widens ones own musical potential and heightens the enjoyment of music and the joint feeling.

During short conversation breaks the experience is brought into awareness and a transfer of these into everyday life is incited.

This method was developed by Arthur Hull (USA) in the past 30 years.

The application spectrum varies from all school types to university, economy, (company parties, management-training etc.) to music therapy, working with seniors and open collective drum circles.